Armenian Heaven

My auntie & uncle from LA came to visit us a few days ago...  It was so good to have them near, give them a big hug & talk to them in person. I love my family, they're always there for me although they're far away. They're loud, fun, challenging, like only an armenian family could be & oh they can cook!
We have this thing together: Whenever we fly over we always bring loads of Swiss chocolate, as all my relatives just LOVE it & to be frank it is THE best I've ever tasted so far - & believe me I've tried a lot!
When we get back home they always give us half a suitcase full of armenian sweets & armenian Lavash bread... Last time I even left some clothes there only to pack 2 more sweets which remind me of my late grandma.
So you can imagine how happy I was when my auntie pulled out a huge bag. I felt excited like a cat eagerly waiting for its treat & there it was...

Lavash, one of my favorite breads, cherry & barberry fruit lether, nut brittle, pistachio deliciousness, sweet Gata bread, Gaz, Ukha (not the Russian fish soup)... I was in Armenian heaven, dancing around pomegranate trees.
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