13 Links #3


  1. This is where I get my vitamin fix in Zurich.
  2. I love animal illustrations - especially with a twist.
  3. Is it just me or do C.J. Hendry's photorealistic illustrations make you want to eat a juicy orange right away.
  4. This adorable corner shop has the best espresso in Zurich.
  5. My kind of coffee cup!
  6. Allergies? Well, these beautiful flowers won't tickle your nose, promise!
  7. I love animals - all kinds of them. & cats, well, they just hit the spot.
  8. The illustrators & crafters best friend.
  9. Everything has a (re)purpose.
  10. PMS ice cream anyone?
  11. 33 ways to stay creative by Frederik Frede.
  12. This might sound weird but i'd love a blouse with the portrait of my cat morticia! 
  13. I love embroidery & Erdura's taking it to the next level.
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