13 Links that made me go OOHh!


  1. An illustrator who prefers pens & pencils to pixels, halleluja!
  2. Edible paint tubes & pencils - where were you all my life?
  3. The most amazing world of Mister Finch.
  4. As a child of the 70's you just LOVE psychadelic wonderlands... looking at these with my peace glasses on.
  5. Colour coded candy? nomnomnomnom...
  6. Wonderful curiousities...
  7. One of my favorite museums in London.
  8. Magical frozen bubbles.
  9. Stripey, colored, golden balls.
  10. Beautiful insects by Alex Aebi.  
  11. Creative German deli.
  12. Addams Family easter eggs by Jill Topol.
  13. Sometimes tea DOES come from a piggy cup.
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