13 Links I Liked This Week


"13 Links" is a new category where I collect all the things that make me go "AHhh! & MMmhh!". Hope you enjoy it too:

  1. The one ingredient ice cream with one of my favorite fruits.
  2. Nomnomnom sweet blog.
  3. Lace Street Art by NeSpoon.
  4. Googly eyes street art by Aiden Glenn.
  5. Want to know how a slovakian cat meows?
  6. One of my favorite street artists.
  7. Afternoon Tea in London. It can't get any better than this! With David Shrigley illustrations on the wall: I'm in heaven.
  8. Fat and furious burger pays hommage to my beloved comfort food.
  9. In my opinion the BEST burger in Zürich.
  10. Bizarre & spooky cake art by Scott Hove.
  11. Don't play with your food! Or please do.
  12. One of my favorite tattoo artists who did my 2 high fiving cats.
  13. THE most delicious baked donuts I've ever eaten!
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